YouTube release 5 new updates to earn double money

YouTube 2Brelease 2B5 2Bnew 2Bupdates 2Bto 2Bearn 2Bdouble 2Bmoney

Recently YouTube release new update in December 2018. From this update youtuber can earn double money and also save their contents on YouTube.

This 5 updates are:

1. Copyright notice

If you theft any material from any other youtuber you get copyright claim and notice. Now you cannot use any other youtuber picture and even clips of YouTube without any permission.

 2. Double Earning

Now youtuber can we are now to use videos which have to duration less than 5 and use ads on these videos as he want.

More heads will increase your earning.

3. Community Tab

YouTube have released another feature which will allow all youtubers to access community tab. Now all kind of YouTubers other He is 1K subscription or 10k subscription can use community tab.

4. YouTube Stories

Youtube reduced a new feature which is YouTube stories which will allow a youtuber to contact with audience.
The stories will have only 7 days to expire and will be available when a youtuber reach 10k subscription.

5. YouTube music

YouTube introduce another feature these are Youtube Music and YouTube premium.
From these YouTube music features music lover can get worldwide music with original series and movies.
 YouTube premium is for $6.99 per month while YouTube music premium is for $4.99