Asked by Wolf Blitzer about criticism from a conservative group about the pregnancy of his daughter Mary, who is in a relationship with a female partner, DickCheney expressed irritation with the question.
“I’m delighted I’m about to have a sixth grandchild, Wolf,” he said. “And obviously I think the world of both my daughters and all of my grandchildren.
“And I think, frankly, you’re out of line with that question.”
“Out of line?” It’s not a monarchy yet, Fuckwad. Also, whatever happened to politely telling someone “I’d rather not talk about it.” Never use a polite suggestion when a frightening scowl, smear, or scold will do!

The reason why Cheney exploded – (it was the same reason that led to all of the Faux crying by Republicans when Kerry mentioned – gasp – that the daughter Cheney was so proud of is going to be constitutionally discriminated against by him) is because in Cheney’s world all conservatives get along – they’re all on the same hate. He didn’t want to be called out on his hypocrisy.

God Bless Wolf, though. I’ve met the guy several times, and he’ll still keep asking these kinds of questions – even if it means irritating both Cheney and his wife, Lon. The more those two insist that they are exemplars of moral probity, the more that the hate they have – which just sludges off the screen – gets reflected back at them.

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