Top 6 best sites which will pay you to write articles online

Top 2B6 2Bbest 2Bsites 2Bwhich 2Bwill 2Bpay 2Byou 2Bto 2Bwrite 2Barticles 2Bonline

On Internet there is lots of best websites available which will offer you to write articles online and get smart money

Top 6 best sites which will pay you to write articles online

It best thing to write articles to satisfy user make your own website through.

Article writing is a skill which improve time pattern. This kind of job has lot of fun and enjoyment. Career in article writing it’s not too tough but it’s not for everyone.

Here are the top 5 best websites where you can earn money by writing articles online.

1. Wow Women on Writing 

Top 5 best sites which will pay you to write articles online
Earn Money using Wow Women on Writing

Wow Women on Writing does really a good work and offer you $50-100 easily on every article writing. 

This website encourage female articles to come and write good articles for their websites and earn money. Wow Women on Writing also focus on freelancing training and also on innovation business tactics.

They also provide feedback and also help writers to improve their skills.

Features of Wow Women on Writing 

  • This website does not allow you to copy other contents every added them to make your own. 
  • Wow will pay you up to 150 Dollar on each article of 3000 words. 
  • It will also teach you how your post will help reader.

2.Strong Whispers 

Top 5 best sites which will pay you to write articles online
Earn money using strongwhispers
Strong Whispers provide different types of articles for readers and give opportunity to writers to write awesome articles. 

By Strong Whispers you can earn $50-$150 on each article.

There are range of articles available on this website which will not only used for readers but also used by leadership and govern people to make decisions.

Features of Strong Whispers 

Typically they pay $50-$150 on par article. If you are a good writer and write a good article for this website they will also pay you a good money.

Guest post is also available on this website. If willing to write article for Strong Whispers you can use three steps to get started.

How to get started with Strong Whispers 

Step 1 
Send Best article that you have a right.
Step 2 
They will see your articles and make decision with proper grammar, and original content.
Step 3 
They will reply you with three options. This three options are rejected, require more changes, approval.

3.College Humour 

They will pay you $25 on each article. If they like your article they will pay you $50 and published it on home page of College Humour.

College Humour is an online Media company which give entertainment to readers.

They also offers article writing to younger from 18 to 49 ages. With the combination of school and colleges this is a complete hub of article writing.

The create articles on different topics like videos picture articles jobs and academic contents also.More than 15 Million monthly unique articles are produced by this company.

How to get started with College Humour article writing 

  • Make account on the College Humour website 
  • Go to article submission page to submit your article 
  • Submit your best article have you ever write 
  • Wait for the decision makers to send your reply at your email. 

Top 6 best sites which will pay you to write articles online
Earn money using cracked
like humour college this website is also providing articles on different topics like funny personal creative and smart. 
This website give you good opportunity to earn more money. They will provide you $100 per article 

Features of 

  • They will pay you $100 per article at anytime. 
  • You can get $200 par article when you are 5 articles published on homepage. 
  • You can get bonus $100 if you are articles rated on the website and traffic. 
  • On Photoshop competition by you can also get and win $100.

5.Watch Culture 

Top 6 best sites which will pay you to write articles online
Earn money using Watch Culture
One of the best site for news coverage and entertainment articles Watch Culture is the world wide millions of readers. The commonly provide $25 – $500 on each article.
Watch Culture is the UK website for online magazine. Dozens of writer write and publish articles on different topics like gaming,film sports,and,television. 
These are chances to get £700 on each article. If your articles are best to read and get traffic they will pay you better money. 
If you think that you are a best writer and touch with internet you can contact Watch Culture at for more detail.