Top 5 online games which will pay you are real money

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Earn money using playing games is very interesting think and obviously strange. There are many apps and games available on internet which will pay you real money to play games on it. 

Today I am going to share you 6 most interesting games which will give you real money. When you start theses games they will give you. Which will lead to earn money and gift cards for Amazon.

1. Swagbucks 

Play games on Swagbucks and earn money and gifts card

Swagbucks is one of the app which is full of gift cards, earning points , and also real money. This complete application work on Swagbucks search engine.

Along with playing games you can also do different other things like paid surveys,watch videos and daily polls etc.

In this application you can play games and earn credit. You can get cash in the from amazon gift cards, coupon codes etc. They also give other amazing prices and game credits.

2. Exodus3000 

Play Exodus3000  and earn real money

Exodus3000 is one of the most popular and interesting game. It is based on multiplayer RPG strategy games.

Story of this game is very adventurous and strange because players are shifted to Mars instead of Earth.

Because of earth destroyed due to dangerous catastrophic event like acid rain, earthquakes and lack of water.

In this game players have to win US dollars which is Sikkim currency. The real fun is you have to kill mass players to get extra points mars dollars.

On 300,000 Mars Dollars you can get $20 on this exchange rate. For signup you can get 500 Marsh dollars for free.

3. Play Rummy 

Play Rummy game and earn money

Operated by Innopark India Pvt Ltd this is one of the popular earning game in India. From this game you can earn handsome amount of money.

This game with available on Play Store and app Store. This is one of the safe and Secure game which will give you money in 24 hours and support.

4. SecondLife 

Play SecondLife and Earn real money

One of the fastest growing online game is Secondlife. Playing with virtual reality in 3D characters you can earn lot of money from this online game website.

One of the player named Anshe Chungthe become Millionaire by playing this game.

Till now it has 2 million active users from all over the world which play game everyday this is a real state trading game with will allow you to sell and buy virtual properties.

Based upon virtual reality games you can do any activity in this game.
Clothing selling content and gadgets and also you can perform at some stage drama and rock concerts.

5. PaidGamePlayer 

Play paidgameplayer and earn money
PaidGamePlayer is another popular website play different games and earn money. 
There are about 25 online games such as Zuma, Bejeweled 2 and Family Feud available to play game and participate in winner cycle. 
Every player has the opportunity to get part in winning competition and become more lucrative. 
You can also play games for small amount and also play games to earn huge amount buy get membership upgraded. 
On daily basis website give $250,000+ cash to winning prayers. Along with playing games you can also earn money using website survey taking review of games.