G.W. Bush’s seventh Hate of the Union address, a slack screed of his greatest hits (invoking 9/11 gratuitously, falsely linking it to Iraq, telling us “we must fight them abroad so we don’t have to fight them here,” telling us “they hate us for our freedom,” bashing the government that has done so much for him, smirking through “anecdotes” showing how much greater real Americans are than him, and so on), was memorable, if for nothing else, for the following line:

“You did not vote them into law. I did not sign them into law. Yet they are treated as if they have the force of law. The time has come to end this practice.”

What, might you ask was he talking about? As it turns out, he was talking about earmarks.

By the way, though, the quote applies just as well to – that’s right, Presidential signing statements. Just one more example of this President’s colossal would-be hypocrisy. “Would be” because hypocrisy kind of requires having ideas in the first place.

Only one more of these…. and then – it’s over!

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