If only some in our military could take a cue:

Do you remember the day you first came aboard this ship? Your mother brought you to the bridge…
PICARD You even sat in my chair. It annoyed me at first… a presumptuous child playing on my ship. But I never forgot the way you knew every control and display before you ever set foot on the bridge. You acted like you belonged there.
WESLEY (quiet):
I remember.
Later… when I decided to make you an acting ensign, I was convinced you would be an outstanding officer. I’ve never questioned that conviction… until now.

Picard turns and moves in on Wesley… finally standing only a couple inches away from Wesley even as his voice drops down to nearly a whisper.

The first duty of every Starfleet officer is to the truth… be it scientific truth, historical truth, or personal truth. It is the guiding principle upon which Starfleet is based. If you cannot find it within yourself to stand up and tell the truth about what happened… you do not deserve to wear that uniform.

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