A legend once sang a great song. One verse that caught my attention:

Well, I don’t believe virginity
is as common as it used to be
that left is wrong and right is right
that black is black and white is white.

I particularly liked the third line. I’m afraid the legend did not know at the time how the second object of that line turned the fourth line into a religion, but life is full of surprises.

Example of why the legend included the fourth line can be found all around us. Today brought us a particularly humorous one, as a conservative commentator met Joy Behar’s comment that Donald Rumsfeld was “Hitlerish” by asking “How would she know? Did she ever meet him?”

Of course, conservatives have an expanding Hitler of the Month club (just fork over $9.95 a year to Charles Krauthammer and be given a monthly update as to what world tyrant or would-be tyrant is the next Hitler. It’s kind of like the Fruit of the Month Club – without the nutritional value), and of course, the conservative commentator presumably did not meet Hitler either, so he would in theory be in no better (or worse) position to know whether the comparison was accurate. But, of course, he is right because he is right. And vice versa. And I believe in miracles.

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