What rich humor George W. Bush offers us, as I found out today in the San Francisco Chronicle, which reports:

Mocking Rep. Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco is now a standard part of President Bush’s campaign pitch.

“The top Democrat leader in the House made an interesting declaration. She said, ‘We love tax cuts.’ Given her record, she must be a secret admirer,” Bush told a group of donors last week in Macon, Ga.

“If this is the Democrats’ idea of love,” Bush said to laughter at a Chicago fundraiser a few days later, “I don’t want to see what hate looks like.”

The joke’s on you, George, because all you have to do is either look in the mirror, open your mouth, or be in the same room as a Republican colleague to see what hate looks like. Given you’ve done all three, then Nancy Pelosi might as well be in love with tax cuts.

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