Alberto Gonzales, that mealy-mouthed, weaselly, effeminate though gay-hating, low-talking, mumbling, sneaky, shifty-eyed, lying piece of shit, may find himself out of a job soon – either because the President will fire him or because he will resign (if the latter is what the media tells us what happened, the former is really what happened).

If Ashcroft wiped his ass with the Bill of Rights, Gonzales saved up a lifetime of diarrhea from under-digested refried beans and dumped it over the entire text of every Constitution he could find. This man is the worst Attorney General in the history of the United States, easily – yes, easily – beating such worthies as John Ashcroft, Harry Daugherty and Edwin Mieskite.

I hope both he and that fat bloviator Karl Rove are subpoenad to testify about the latest series of White House disgraces. If they refuse, I am not sure that a Constitutional Crisis will have been created, but public outcry will become so intense that sheer strength of inertia will cause at least one of them to be forced out. Maybe George W. Bush can even lie and state that either or both are doing a fine job, and then fire either or both the next week. Oh wait… Why do that when there’s not an intervening election? Because this President is a sociopath.

If he and Dick “GRRRRR” Cheney were both removed from office, I wouldn’t shed a tear, but if they were not removed, that scenario would still provide a great source of pleasure because they have not been humiliated enough yet. They have not been disgraced enough yet. Historians – some of them, anyway, are still debating as to whether Bush or Millard Fillmore is the worst President in history. Bush’s conservatism of fraud has not been exposed fully because the Fox News dimbulbs that vote and run this country could have their eyes bathed in the sun and literally not see the light.

I want this Presidency to end in tatters. It is not tattered enough yet. It is not enough that it end in ignominy and disgrace. Nothing less than an utter, complete, laughingstock of a clusterfuck will suffice.

And even that is not enough.

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