On bras . . .

Three things:
1. Mom, do not read this post. You will be horrified and give me lectures on being lady-like, which haven’t sunk in within the last 34 years so it’s time to give it up as a lost cause. Let’s just pretend this never happened.
2. I have no filter – well, actually, I do. But if it’s funny, it gets through.
3. This post is FUNNY. It’s not dirty. Make a dirty comment and I’ll delete it.

Every bra has a purpose. Some are simply comfortable, some add bulk, some squish out some cleavage, and some simply try to reign things in. The best bras are the ones that can manage more than one of these feats.

But the particular bra I have in mind has only one purpose: to make your boobs disappear.

Related question, if matter can neither be created nor destroyed, where do my boobs go?

**I’ve had a couple people ask me what brand the bra is I love. It’s a Natori. You need to be fitted for your size though if you’ve never done that before. They do it at Nordstrom. And honestly, people’s bodies are so different you need to try them on to find one that fits you. If you already know your size and favorite style, you can order online. http://amzn.to/1iFU5gE

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