Moving, updates, and burn out

We’re supposed to move this weekend. Unfortunately, the people buying our house are using a USDA loan, and it looks like it probably won’t be ready in time. So we’ll most likely be moving next weekend.

Thank you again for everyone for your support with Connor as he’s gone through his multiple surgeries. He’s walking again, and the doctor says his bone looks great, if he can just keep from breaking anything again.

My posts will continue to be sporadic as we go through our move. Honestly, I’m just so tired right now. And I’m burned out. I’m having a hard time coming up with the desire to do much more than I have to. So many things have gone wrong, one right after another, that I find myself waiting for the next blow to come.

I need time, I suppose.

In the interim, I’m creating a audiobook for Witch Song. So far, I have two auditions. You can listen to them and choose your favorite.

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