I stumbled across an interesting, yet unsurprising fact a few minutes ago:

Liberals have the highest education level of any typology group ­ 49% are college graduates and 26% have some postgraduate education. [Pew Research – voter demographics 2004]

This statistic, by the way, explains why the majority of universities tend to have faculties who are “liberal-minded”. (By the way, the word “liberal” describes a characteristic, not a virtue or vice. 40 years of relentless fearmongering and hatemongering have actually convinced people otherwise – mainly people who have nowhere near these education levels).

Nowadays, and for quite some time, we have heard conservatives squawk about how higher education is controlled by “‘dem lib-ruls”. Often times, when someone is angry about a situation, one will at least try to come up with ways of trying to alleviate or change it. Not these folks. Conservatives – deep-down and not so deep down – LOVE the fact that colleges and universities are “lib-rul”.

Why? Because if they were not, there would be less – a lot less – for these folks to demagogue about. Republican demagoguery consists of, and I know I’ve said this phrase before – but it nails it so well I’ll use it again – “making you afraid of something and telling you who’s to blame for it”. In this case, we have a group of Republican elites (liberals, in Republicans’ fake formulation, are the “elites” – another instance of purposeful projection) blaring about how ‘dem lib-ruls are brainwashing college students.

Such talk wettens the dreams of the barca-lounger butt fucking wife-beating set, which will not analyze this statement for factual accuracy – both because they are incapable of doing so, and because the hate and fear that has been stirred up in them will prevent them from doing so.

A pity, of course, and a joke. Think about the premise they’re swallowing: “Lib-ruls are brainwashing today’s college students”. Oh, really? Then why is lib-rul considered such a dirty word by these same students just a few years after they graduate? How are we to account for, then, the presence of a myriad of business schools, science departments, and medical schools that teach an either overtly conservative philosophy or that lack a political agenda? If this brainwashing were so effective, why is it that people get more conservative as they get older, and begin to foam at the mouth at the prospect of their taxes being raised as soon as they leave college?

The very notion that the lib-ruls are brainwashing today’s college students shows the utter contempt that the Republicans have for younger people. Why, they almost treat this group like… their own base!

Liberals are more well-educated and thus tend to self-select themselves for university teaching positions. If conservatives REALLY felt threatened by lib-rul brainwashing – if they really felt that something needed to be done to combat this abomination, then one would think that they would try to enhance their levels of education so that conservative professors would be hired. But noo, of course. No such efforts have been made. Why? Because Republicans wouldn’t be able to demagogue the issue were there something resembling parity on college campuses.

The notion that li-bruls have been brainwashing young people on college campuses implies, among other things, that students’ minds are extremely suspectible to being brainwashed. And yet, for all of the hue and cry over such alleged brainwashing, guess what rich conservative people have been doing with their rich conservative children? Sending them to the exact schools (code: The Ivy League) that is responsible for the brainwashing! The diaper dandies of these children do not become brainwashed there. Rather, they learn while they are there how to bash the schools for being too lib-rul and become the Republican pundits of tomorrow. If the situation of brainwashing were so insidious, would these children really be sent to these schools? No, of course not. Money and prestige count more than the potential for your child to be brainwashed -especially since on account of having that money, your child can grow up to be the kind of thug that feeds the Republican noise machine.

The “real” areas where Republicans complain the brainwashing occurs – the sociology department, the multicultural living centers, and so on – are, surprise, the areas with which they are least familiar, because they avoid them. True, the Republican children who graduate these Ivy League schools have the world at their feet when they graduate and thus can get a degree in government and can get other Mickey Mouse degrees that expose them to the potential brainwashing – but does one really CARE about being brainwashed when one knows the law school and the law firm job of one’s choice -i.e. the embodiement of the way the world works – namely, on conservative terms, is waiting within a matter of years? Please.

Rethugs have it within their power to eradicate or greatly reduce the “lib-rul” influence in higher education. They won’t (the party favors revelation over research and is less well-educated and hence makes for a poorer professorship class), and can’t (because if they did, they wouldn’t have anything to complain about). So next time a Republican natters on about the corrupting influence of librulism in higher education, just say to him: “I know a situation that would make you even more angry – i.e. really angry – if the influence of librulism disappeared”.

The response to this comment – however formulated (silence, squeamishness, or contentiousness) will tell you all that you need to know. After all, reptiles do not play things close to the vest.

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