I’ve been waiting 15 years for this . . .

A chance to buy a FANCY dress. I haven’t since my wedding 13.5 years ago. So when I heard I was a finalist for a Whitney Award, I didn’t really care about the award–cause the prize is the pretty dress. You know what I’m sayin’?

*please read the rest of this post with a “valley girl” intonation.*

So I called my best girl friends (Thanks Katie and Laura!). And we went shopping. And the people in the stores where all like, “Why are these 30ish women shopping for “prom dresses”? And we were like, “Shut up, hookers! We shoppin’ for award dresses!”

Let me know which is your favorite!

*note* I’ll post the winning dress when the pics from the gala go up!

2014 02 22+10.21.03
I thought I would hate this dress. I sort of loved it. 

2014 02 22+10.25.15
I didn’t feel pretty in this dress.
And I wasn’t a fan of the color. 

2014 02 22+10.30.44
Meh. It’s okay. 

2014 02 22+10.40.14
I liked this one.
The boning had pushed through the fabric
and was stabbing my ribs. 

2014 02 22+10.45.09
I really liked this one. Unfortunately, my hands at the back were
the only thing keeping it closed (it didn’t fit). 

2014 02 22+10.59.22
I really liked this one. Top 3ish. 

2014 02 22+11.15.20
Everyone loved this one! Everyone except me!

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