How do you say “Witch Song & Witch Born” in French?

Witch+Song+ +cover+(1)

Because foreign rights for both books have sold to Lumen Publishing in Paris! I’m so excited! They’ve already been great to work with, very accommodating and helpful. And just look at the font they chose for the cover!!! I actually like it better than the font we’re currently using. Might have to rethink that a little.

They will publish both Witch Song and Witch Born, and they have plans to acquire Witch Rising and Witch Fall in the future.

That means Witch Song will be published in 3 languages (Indonesian, English, and French!). It brings me so much joy to know that something I created can be shared with so many people, whom I could never touch any other way.

Also, does anyone know what the phrase below says?

Witch+Song+ +announcement+banner

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