Help! I can’t decide on this dang cover.

For all my covers, I’ve pretty much known what I’ve wanted from the beginning. Witch Fall not so much. 

Laura and I have brainstormed about 3 options. *Keep in mind that your voting on the CONCEPT, not the actual pieces before you. You have to think ahead to what it will look like finished, not what it is NOW. Make sense? 
Option 1: *These two are very rough sketches. They’ll be all prettied up for the final.* I love the colors and the sky. It matches the first books pretty well. Not quite sure what do do about the pendant (The title is Fall, so I wanted the pendant to fall from her hands). 

Option 2: This one will have some tweaking, so keep that in mind. I don’t really like her pose, but Laura thinks we need to keep it more portrait like to match the first two covers. I’d kind of like a full body shot of her in the water, but the pendant would be tiny. Something like this. We’ll make the water turquoise, with sunken buildings around her (she’s on a sinking island), the necklace pulling her up. 

Option 3: Something more like this, with Lilette facing the audience, the pendant floating free in front of her and her hair floating around her (Love the Forbidden Sea, BTW. Great book).
Forbidden Sea
I’ll probably take the sketches down tomorrow so the unfinished image isn’t floating around in cyperspace. 

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