The following remarks of Bill O’Reilly describe how angry, middle-aged, balding, fat, loudmouthed, wife-beating, butt-fucking, bigoted conservatives “argue”:

Bill O’Reilly abuses and cuts the mic of retired Colonel Ann Wright, 29-year veteran of the US Army, after she refuses to fall victim to his leading, dishonest questions and smear tactics. Apparently in Bill’s demented world, criticizing the actions of President Bush in explicitly violating international law � something Col. Wright spent years teaching � constitutes “blaming” America.

WRIGHT: “I want to make sure the United States treats people properly..”
O’REILLY: “Sure you do. Sure you do.”
WRIGHT: “I surely do. That’s what I spent 29 years of my life trying to do.”
O’REILLY: “Sorry. No you didn’t. You know what happened to you�somewhere along the line you started to dislike your own country�.”
WRIGHT: “I served 29 years. How many did you serve? Where did you teach the Geneva Conventions?”
O’REILLY: “Cut her mic.”
“Cut her mic” – a conservative’s way of revealing he can’t think. Only someone so weak, hypocritical and cowardly would dare feel the need to silence someone else for mere disagreement. But then again, such silencing is what “conservatives” do for a living, and thank God the country is at long last cutting THEIR mic.

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