Amazing how John McCain has all but completely adopted the McJesus, McTaxCut, McBigot, McIslamofasicm (meaning that he mentions the “I” word a lot, like a few people I know, but doesn’t realize what defeating it would involve and is merely brandishing it as a function of bigotry, while problems that this country COULD solve do not enter into his thought process), McImperialExecutiveBranch agenda:,0,6772386.column?track=mostviewed-storylevel

His competitor, Rudy Ghouliani, beating him in the polls now by over 20%, has virtually adopted the same agenda. Man of the Republican McFascists, don’t care that Guiliani will clamp down at least as much on civil rights as Bush has. After all, they creepily intone, “civil rights don’t matter if you’re dead.” So the point of living, then, is to not have them? I’d rather die if this were in fact the case. I have yet to hear a single intelligent rejoinder to the remark made by Ben Franklin over 200 years ago: “Those who are willing to give up essential liberties in the name of a little extra security deserve neither.” So, all of you people who say, “civil rights don’t matter if you’re dead,” you deserve to die anyway! That way the rest of us can figure out how to win the war on terra, terra, terra without adopting the terrorists’ ideology.

The purge of U.S. Attorneys… Scooter Libby…. The documented misuse of the Patriot Act that was announced earlier this week… Walter Reed… How has ANY of this defeated Islamofascism – or come close to defeating it – or made us safer, all of you people who cry terra, terra, terra, Islamofascim, Islamofascim, Islamofascism? How? Look, I know that you guys think that the only thing worth doing in this world is claiming that Islamofascim must be defeated by going on about how people “must become informed about it,”) but a parlor-game obsession with something is just that – obsession. While you folks engage in your keyboard-commando obsessions, must the rest of what you call non-issues facing this country – health care, education, the environment, etc., be permanently put on hold? In the hopes that you will somehow be able to “think” Islamofascism to death? Your mindset is exactly what the terrorists are counting on – they want you to be so consumed with them that you pay no heed to the daily functionings of your society. You folks treat the Islamofascist threat, ultimately, as a Phantom Menace – claiming that nothing else is important – with the result being that your society stagnates from under your grasp and as a result is in no position to vanquish the threat you claim to care about so much.

“Some people think that the future means the end of history,” Captain Kirk once said to those who could not enter into the new era of peace between the Klingons and the Federation. “History is replete with turning points – you must have faith,” Spock said as a retort. In other words, it is only by allowing our lives as they exist to go forward – because life MUST go forward – that we can venture into the future and vanquish our foes.

I pity those – and I am thinking of one person in particular – who cannot see this.

As e.e. cummings once said, “Hey, it’s a hell of a universe out there. Let’s start exploring it.”

So for those of you who breathe, sleep and eat Islamofascism and say that nothing else matters, since you’ll never be convinced otherwise (that’s one of the advantages in not living in a reality-based environment), I pity you. I pity our country because of you. J.Q. Adams once said, “The United States goes not in search abroad of monsters to destroy. If she did, then she would become the dictatress of the world.” You folks think you are trying to destroy monsters but in doing so you are destroying what makes this country worth living in – freedom. Once that is destroyed it does not matter whether we defeat our foes in battle, for they have already won.

So, you people, realize that yours is only one of many competing viewpoints, and that you do not have a monopoly on patriotism. If you don’t, then you will be responsible for the death of this country as surely as the lib-ruls and the Islamofascists. Cheers.

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