The strange Kabuki dance that ensues whenever Ann Coulter yaps her trap is now waltzing its way across America once more, but this time, with an unusual twist:

The dance begins with Coulter making a would-be outrageous comment meant (by her, anway)to be indicative of great insight and powers of argumentation (and, indeed, many conservatives BELIEVE that her comments can be characterized this way). Outrage – some of it mock, some of it genuine (and all of it legitimate) ensues. Coulter then issues a non-apology apology that merely amplifies the original insult.

By this point, the story, which most likely broke on a blog, has spread to national television, including to the so-called liberal media – including the folks at ABC, CBS and NBC who are so obviously outraged by the blather that they invite Ann onto the show to discuss her comment while their talking heads nod complacently as the foam coming out of her mouth dribbles onto the camera lens.

Then, of course, the right-wing smear machine attempts to look for an “equivalent” insulting comment made by a Democrat; Ann is invited on to Fox News to explain why her latest bleating is greater than sliced bread, and the story goes away as the outrage recedes into slow burn.

The “faggot” comment Ann made produced an additional element to the dance: denunciation by some of the audience members (Mitt the Shitt, Ghouliani, McCain) who heard the comment. Astounding.

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