Facebook page monetization and updates you must know

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Facebook monetization is now working in different countries but it is not confirmed that Facebook will Open Facebook monetized in Pakistan and India. 

Facebook page monetization and updates you must know

When Facebook Monitization will on in Pakistan and India? 

If you are looking for news about Facebook monetization then you must read this.
According to latest confirmed news is that Facebook will on monetized in Pakistan and India in upcoming months it could be few month or a year.

Can we start working on Facebook pages for Facebook monetization? 

If you are starting your work on Facebook pages to monetized and get likes and views then it’s a useless. Because instead of are working on Facebook pages you can work on YouTube which give monitization and you can earn money from Youtube. Soon Facebook full on monetization in Pakistan and India but not now.

What are the terms and conditions for Facebook Page monetization?

There are almost few times and conditions will be applicable when you will eligible for facebook page monetization. 
1. You must have 10000 likes on your Facebook page. 
2. You must have videos more than i mint.
3. Monetization and ads will be shown on videos not on regular posting. 
4. You must achieved 30000 watch time on total videos in every two  month. 
5. One view will be count if any one will watch your video more than 1 minute. If viewer watch your video less than 1 minute this will not count a view for this video.

Eligibility standards for Facebook monetization 

For monetization creator must follow Facebook all eligibility standards policies and term conditions. These terms and conditions and policies which are added in Facebook will be applicable you read these monetization eligibility standards Here.

Which type of videos will not be allowed for Facebook monetization? 

1. Static videos which contain no motion or pictures will not be allowed for monetization.
2. Static image polls will be not allowed
3. Engagement post or videos which will lead to likes comments and not be allowed using links.
4. Static images with slideshow
5. Videos which will contain gives and looping of same video.
6. Videos which contains moving images with text