Star Trek VI:The Undiscovered Country, the last Star Trek film to feature the entire crew of the original TV series, opens with a bang. Literally. Captain Sulu (now helming the U.S.S. Excelsior) is in “Beta Quadrant,” cataloguing “gaseous anomalies,” when all of a sudden, a moon explodes, sending out giant CGI shockwaves that buffet his ship about. Once George Takei and the actors on the Excelsior set have finished pretend-shaking and falling for the cameras, Sulu gets up, and says to the navigator, “Don”t tell me that was any meteor shower.”

Indeed it was not.” Lt. Valtane, a crew member, reports that the explosion came from Praxis, a Klingon moon. Sulu asks that the moon, as it presently exists, be put up on the viewscreen, so that he can view the extent of the damage. Lt. Valtane, in the process of complying with the order, says, “Sir, I can confirm the location of Praxis…. But I cannot confirm the existence of Praxis.” (No, I cannot explain that line to you. I’ve been a fan of Star Trek for two decades and I’d like to think I’ve been a fan of logic for about that long). The next image the viewer sees is a hollowed-out moon, with sizeable chunks missing. “Praxis?” Sulu asks. “What’s left of it, Sir.” “Do we report this to Starfleet?” asks Lieutenant Rand (played by Grace Lee Whitney, a womderful woman whom I met at a convention in 1998 – I got to carry her luggage!). “Are you kidding?” Sulu replies.

Forgive the long story. I bring it up as a roundabout way (seemingly the only way I know how) to make a point about the concept of existence. First, a non-point (or a no-brainer, if you will): much of the hatred in the world stems from the mere fact that other people exist – i.e. that these other people possess the basic human abilities of cognition, recall, and memory. My brother, for example, hates me, in a manner of speaking, not for my location, but for my existence. His kind of hate, ironically, would be the kind of hate that Justice Scalia would recognize. Scalia, the Master Maharajara of Hate, said, in Stenberg v. Carhart, “Those of us who have a problem with Casey v. Planned Parenthood have a problem not with its application – the case was applied “appropriately” today – but with its existence.”

The actual point I wanted to make is a more satisfying, perhaps less obvious one: a person’s mere existence can put the lie to their ceonceptions about how and why others exist. Take bigot-bot Mel Gibson (please – all of him) (Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion book turned-revolver sold separately).

Gibson’s in vino veritas (so that’s where J.K. Rowling got the word “veritaserum” – Latin truly does unlock word power!) bleatings of last Friday reaffirmed some of the particulars of his anti-Semitism. One of the particulars, the relevant one here – is the canard that Jews wield some kind of enormous world influence (enough to, as Gibson believes, start every war in history). By the way, I REALLY REALLY wish this were true – the part about wielding enormous influence, that is. In that case, to paraphrase Woody Allen, “I really overpaid for my carpeting.” Gibson, who can no doubt rattle off the names of at least one Jew involved in this ultra-secret cabal (which mysteriously involves no President of the United States, no Vice President, no military officer – at least not a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, since there’s never been a Jewish one), also believes that “the Jews control Hollywood.” Spike Lee says the same thing. In fact, lots of people who make movies that do not do well have a habit of saying statements to this effect after their movies bomb. Lots of people who cannot obtain financing for their movies offer statements to this effect as an explanation. Lots of people who have failed to win Academy Awards have offered statements to this effect as an explanation.

It’s a great explanation because it REQUIRES no explanation. “Hollywood” is whatever the would-be bigot defines it to be; the would-be bigot fails to consider the million other reasons (not to suggest that “the Jews own Hollywod is a legitimate reason for their “grievances”) for their complaints.

Take Spike Lee, for example (please). When Warner Bros. gave that famous liberal Jew Clint Eastwood a shooting budget that was twice as large as the shooting budget for Malcom X, Lee first muttered that the differential treatment was a function of the fact that Hollywood is “controlled by the Jews.” He didn’t have to say any more, for he was preaching to the choir. Then, when Lee asked the studio for more money (we do not know if he asked a Jew specifically), and he was turned down, he called Warner Brothers “the plantation,” implying (perhaps inconsistently with his earlier statement) that Hollywood is controlled by white people. Friends gave him $15 million dollars to complete the project. He said that this was not enough.

Notice how when people like him make statements about the Jews controlling Hollywood, they never provide specifics? They’re perfectly fine with making the slur, so, in theory, they should have no trouble naming names, even anonymously. Yet they can’t. Even though, according to the slurrers, no possible damage could come to them because they, as non-Jews, are already persona non-grata in the eyes of the all-powerful Jews who somehow miraculously have been unable to prevent them from making picture after picture, who somehow have not given Steven Spielberg an Oscar for every movie he’s ever made, who somehow, if they exist, preside over movies that contain ridiculously broad Jewish stereotypes, and who somehow, if they exist, would be put out of business were it not for very creative non-Jewish directors, producers, cameramen, screenwriters, effects artists, and so on.

Yet I digress.

Mel Gibson’s very existence proves that he is wrong about why Jews exist – namely, to “control him and make him suffer.” (Presumably, for “their killing of Jesus.”) His own production company financed “The Passion of the Christ,” which was distributed by one of those evil Jewish studios. The movie, as everyone knows, made about $370 million domestically in theaters, putting it in the top 10 highest domestic grossers of all time. If this fact does not PROVE that he is full of shit, then nothing will. If “the Jews that control Hollywood” were as powerful as Gibson says they are, they would have seen to it that this movie never saw the light of day, or that it came out in limited release, or that REAL cuts were made to it, or that Gibson was, even to a speck of a degree, blackballed or blacklisted in Hollywood (by the way, what was the ethnicity of most of the people who were blacklisted in the 1950’s and 1960’s? Jewish. Their Jewish Hollywood controllers couldn’t save them from the likes of that noted Jew Joe McCarthy). Gibson’s movie was (commercially) a complete success, and it has made him rich enough to finance quite a few more of his own movies. If the Jews controlled Hollywood, he obviously escaped from under their thumb, although curiously he keeps repeating the same canard and has not maintained that he is an exception to the rule. If the Jews controlled Hollywood, then before he ever made “The Pission” – i.e. when his anti-Jewish bigotry became apparent as early as ten years ago, his career would have been in tatters. Instead, it has grown more and more powerful….. Proof that one’s existence puts the lie to one’s claims about why others exist.

It must be a charming comfort to live in your own world of Neanderthalism. Not only do you never have to question your bigotry, but the bigotry is somewhat limited in quantity, leaving you to focus your hate full-time on a few select groups of people. For example, Mel might not even know that Japan, Canada, and other nations, in the past two decades, have acquired very large portions of major U.S. studios. Since he presumably hates these countries as well, someone, PLEASE tell him of these facts. It may be the only way for bigot-bot to truly break.

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