Earn money online with 10 best websites by watching videos

Earn money online with 10 best websites by watching videos

Have you ever thought to earn money online by watching videos on YouTube and TV. I think not but it’s true to earn money by watching videos.

Earn money online with 10 best websites by watching videos


This method is not to earn handsome money online but we can earn extra cash to charge balance on your mobile phone.

As usually YouTube is a great have to watch videos but not only it is also very beneficial for other youtubers to earn money by your watching videos of any youtuber.

Here are the top 10 website which will pay you to watch videos.


1. Earn money by watching YouTube videos 

Paid2YouTube is one of the well-known money earning website which will pay you to watch youtube videos.

How much Paid2YouTube paid? 

One of the drawback of this website is you have to watch videos all the time and they will pay you only half a cent for an hourly rate. As this is not a good or handsome money but you can earn money by watching videos.

How it is work? 

First you have to watch video then you have to give a good rate to it. After that you have to comment on the video and referring other people to watch it.


2. Earn money and points viggle 

Viggle is another paid website which will pay you enough money by Watching videos and listening music. 
This app is available on Android and Apple devices Play Store and app store. 

How to earn money from Viggle

To earn money from Viggle you have to earn enough points. 
After you reach at some points you can redeem in the form of gift cards music download and also in form of  money also.

3. Earn money from Netflix 

One of the up growing website to watch TV shows and series is a Netflix. But everything that Netflix also pay you to watch videos you can become Netflix TV watching users. 
These peoples are called daggers with earn money by watching videos. To earn money by Netflix you have to visit Netflix job

4. Earn money online by watching TV commercial 

One of the easiest way to watch latest movies for free on rent is to used hitbliss.com. 
Hitbliss is another great website which will offer you to earn cash and spend only on Hitbliss to rent movies and free watch. 

5. Become a professional TV watcher and earn $8 per hour 

Earnbucks offer you to watch videos and TV channels and become a professional TV watcher to earn $1 per hour. 
One of the biggest reason to watch this TV channels and shows is to make it more perfect and find out mistakes in these. 

Others websites to make money online


6. Get money by watching movie trailers and commercial 

Some of the programs are also give you offer to watch upcoming movie trailers and commercial come and get paid. 
You did not need to watch for hours and day. You have to just watch commercial and trailers and get paid. 
Here are the top website which will pay you in term of watching trailers and commercial 

7. Earn money online by Nielsen Family 

One of the popular TV programs and series are Nielsen Family shows. Nielsen Family another version which is most older than Netflix. 
They heir some family members to take survey and watching videos. Now this is a biggest chance to get money and some extra points to watch videos and movies freely.

8. Earn money online by using You Cubez 

You Cubez is an advertising agency which advertise different companies advertisement and they need people to watch these advertisement. 
To earn money by using You Cubez you have to sign up on the website taking complete online survey was different videos after that you will get away from You Cubez.

9. An a little cash online from SwagBucks 

SwagBucks is another amazing website to earn little cash and gift cards. To earn money you have to watch videos, taking surveys and you can also search on the web. 
Along with these you can also play games even shopping online on SwagBucks to earn extra cash and points. 
All the money you are you can easily get money with PayPal.

10. Others amazing websites where you will earn  money online

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