In a previous post, I noted that on the night of game 6 of the NLCS, my mother almost forgot to pick me up from Hebrew School (by the way, my father, when I mentioned this game to him a few nights ago, told me that he was on an appointment that night, as he has done many times). That is true but that is not all. My mother actually finished watching the game – which ended about 7:45 EST – before picking me up from Hebrew School, which ended at 7 that night. I did not know for sure why she was late, but I had an idea. She was not watching the game while aware of the fact that I was waiting for her to pick me up – at some point during her watching, she forgot to pick me up altogether. A short while after the game ended, she remembered to pick me up. By the way, she was not the only parent who picked up his or her child late that night, and was not the only happy parent or child that evening. I didn’t mind the wait at all. The Mets were going to the World Series.

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