Renowned pollster John Zogby recently weighed in on Israel’s two-front defensive against Hamas and Hezbollah. Zogby is Arab-American, of course, which means he purports to condemn “terror” (and which means that his definition of that word is what it needs to be, as the occasion demands).

A Huffington Post reader responded to Zogby’s latest post – about how “violence” must stop amongst the respective parties – as follows:

“With ALL due Respect, MR, Zogby.Israel is not drawing Iran and Syria into any conflict.

Iran has been saberrattling for months now. Hezbullah is ISLAMIC JIHAD directed out of Iran and Syria. It has overtaken an at least partially christian nation, Lebanon.

Hamas is an arm of the PA government. It claimed credit for the invasion of Israel, killing of two soldiers in sovereign Israel, and kidnapping a third soldier, calling the soldier a prisoner of war. (Can you imagine what Hamas would have done had Israel done this to IT?)

Hamas thus declared a war. This Hamas incursion was carefully timed and calibrated with a similar incursion of Hezbullah into Northern Israel, and again Hezbullah declared the abducted soldiers……..PRISONERS OF WAR….thus declaring war.

Today Hezbullah has declared AN OPEN WAR…………………….Hezbullah, NOT Israel. Yes, it is time for the Middle East to change. *Palestine* lost the war long, long ago, and once again when ARAFAT, who was personally “Palestine” and because of that was entitled, in his own opinion, to billions donated for the poor people of *Palestine*, *Palestine* died. You can not have it both ways. Either Arafat was NOT Palestine and then Suha and the rest of that corrupt PA establishment should give the donated billions to the poor people of *Palestine*, OR he was, and then that case is dead and closed.

Under “occupation” the occupied can act in defiance, as we did in Europe during WWII, in the underground. Such actions were NOT executed by making excursions into Germany and murdering civilians there. No, we remained in our respective countries and directed operations at the soldier/occupier. What is done in the Middle East by Muslims, and done by Muslims all over the world is terrorism, it is the murder and maiming of innocent civilians, even their own fellow muslims. Who can justify that, or understand it? It is not a legitimate operation against an occupier.

Shiites just this week murdered innocent fellow Indians in …Mumbai. Not one Israeli involved. Shiites were involved in a terrorist attack inside Jordan, a muslim country. Hezbullah is holding Lebanon, and its government, hostage and murdered some very beloved leaders there. Again, Hezbullah is financed and operated out of IRAN and Syria. But, you, Mr. Zogby, as an Arab, know that much better than I do. These persons would not continue to be a scourge on all the world if their leaders would reign them in. It is easy enough. They are docile, and follow orders (well, not sure about the docile part, but they’ve been so thoroughly brainwashed and have so deliberately walled themselves off from the rest of – now excuse me while I laugh out loud as I say “the rest of” – civilization – that this brainwashing can continue in perpetuity).

The Dutch government stepped down just recently, over a muslim issue; some advocated deportation, others were against it. The Dutch, and I am Dutch, have always embraced others, other religions, and we have always been an open country. That is for at least two reasons. We depend on trade. And we are curious and want to learn from others. The Dutch did not cary any guns, not even the police when I left there in the late sixties. A muslim, who did not agree with a ……movie…..did not register his complaint in an open debate…no, he MURDERED…in The Netherlands, a Dutch filmmaker. A MUSLIM murdered a very young man in Brussels, in his twenties, the father of a house full of children, a Rabbi, not in an open man to man fight, and for a reason, no sniping, with a gun, from behind, and for NO reason, not even money. The Rabbi had a good amount of money on him which was left untouched. NO REASON was given.

You KNOW, Mr. Zogby, what is going on. It is up to YOU, and your fellow ARABS and MUSLIMS to change the Middle East. It is NOT up to others. There is migration all over the world, Mr. Zogby, and that has been the case for decades. MUSLIMS and ARABS are all over the world. There is an interactive map on that on the CNN website. And they are hated all over the world, for a reason. Muslims are free to practice their religion all over the world, including Israel, and they are in the Knesset as well. (By contrast, to whom do Islamic states grant the right of freedom of religion? Or any of the rights that have generally been regarded as those attendant to the ushering out of the Dark Ages?) Muslims deny other religions that freedom. Just a week or so ago the Pope (the world’s most visable face of bigotry, no less) has urgently requested reciprocity on that issue (imagine – the vicar of Christ legitimately pleads with another religion for that religion to become more tolerant!).

You, Mr. Zogby are in the U.S. You came from…where…Lebanon? (Yes, he did). Are there more Arabs and Muslims in the U.S. than in Lebanon? Yes. Is there an ongoing war on to drive you out? Is there in Europe? (Answer: no – people are too terrified to do so, and as bigoted as the west is, the West would rather get raped by Muslims for its relative tolerance than punish Muslims for their lack of same). Look at the extensive Muslim and Islamic and ARAB territory as compared to that tiny sliver of Israel.

Muslims are destructive, they murder, they destroy. They do have other choices. In Gaza, for example, they could have operated the greenhouses, which were profitable businesses, learned from it, and expanded those businesses. Instead they destroyed them. They had “other plans”. We are seeing what these other plans are right before our eyes. Again, they had a choice and they could have asked the Israelis they made into refugees in their own country, and who had built these businesses, to help them out and teach them. We all have choices, Mr. Zogby, even the muslim. Islamic Jihad can be fought by murder and mayhem. It does NOT convert me. OR, it could choose another tack, one of helping and showing another face, BEING something else, creative and constructive. The choice, Mr. Zogby, lies on Muslim shoulders, fair and square. I declare all Muslims reponsible adults.There are other muslims, in fact most muslims, who have moved on. There are a few backwards groups who have to insist and force their ways on others, not only “infidels,” but even their fellow muslims who belong to another group.

Even within that muslim definition it is allowed to murder your child, your parents, is it not? Or, am I misinformed? Give us some details. It is Muslim parents who outfit their children with explosive belts and send them to their deaths, is it not? It is Muslim parents who teach their children hatred, is it not? Apart from whom it is directed at, it is a destructive force that kills the soul, from within. Those children, no matter whose side you are on, are denied life, joy, a soul even. They are dead before they are even actually hurtled into their deaths (and then their deaths are celebrated among the faithful in one tongue, while “outrage” over those deaths is hissed over al-Jazeera in another tongue). .I am a mother and a grandmother. I see those beautiful children, and I can not fathom, for the life of me, how any parent could do this to another soul, let alone his own children. This can not be understood. Maybe by fellow Muslims, but by no one else. Iran, Mr. Zogby, has been posturing for position, making its declarations, about Israel, and its insistence on owning the nuclear bomb. The world – has nothing to do with Israel – will have nothing of it. Iran has a bloody nose, as does Syria. Those hotheads over there are trying to save face by distraction. No, maybe it is not time any longer, Mr. Zogby, for the U.S. to step in. But rather, maybe it is time for this worldwide scourge to be stopped, once and for all, sothat we may have peace and life on this earth, and not murder, death and war. Make this world a better place and…START WITH YOURSELF.
Bill Bennett, fat degenerate and hypocritical moral scold, properly drew condemndation when he recently bleated, “Well, if you abort every black baby in America, your crime rate will go down.” (Actually, the rate would go down if every white baby were aborted, as well).

Of course, I do not advocate the extermination of Muslims. But whites commit crimes, whereas non-Muslims have not been involved in hijacking of planes, “honor killings,” stoning their wives, stoning homosexuals, flying planes into buildings, suicide-bombing practically ever country on the face of the planet, and so on. I know – someone’s always “making” them do it. Then why don’t they recognize, therefore, or believe, that that “someone” therefore implicitly believes these people deserve the consequences of their actions?

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