7 things that girls can make and sell to earn money at home

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Mostly girls at home can make different stuff to sell and buy extra money from it. There are Lots of stuff that girls can make and sell to earn money at home. 

These stuff can be anything like handmade bags , jewellery , wearing stuffs and even make food recipes to sell.

Today I am going to show you 10 best things that any girl at home can make and sell to earn money.

1. Bracelets 

Girls can make bracelets at home and earn money. There are many types of bracelets available in market.

By watching these bracelets girls can make a complete copy of it very easily with homemade stuff.

2. Bags 

We often seen many bags at shopping malls. They have high prices and girl did not afford it.

You can easily make handmade bags with your old jeans and clothes very easily.

3. Bath salt 

Another amazing thing is to make and sell it on your own price is to make bath salt for girls. There are many mixture and and products available to make a effective bath salt.

Here is a tutorial to make a complete DIY Mint bath salt at home.

4. Scrubs 

Every year millions of money is spent on cosmetics and other products.

There is an easy way to make different kinds of scrubs not only to save money but also earn money by selling them in market.

On YouTube you can get many tutorial to make scrubs.

5. Make Dresses with Clothes 

There’s another profitable business is to make Dresses and cell into market.
Most womens all Around The World make money by making different types of dresses for girls in babies.

6. Art diary and paper Baskets

Making an art diary or paper baskets is another profitable business. Lot’s of women has the abilities to make different types of Diaries and paperwork.

7. Babies winter clothes 

One of the most profitable work is to make babies winter clothes like babies cap,gloves and mittens. By selling these products you can earn and hand some money every month.