7 best website which will pay you to test out websites

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7 best website which will pay you to test out websites because they do not need tester to test it live and check out real user friendly environment 

Many website  developers build a website and get tested to check out their friendly environment. To test it live they hire tester and others website users to test their features.

To test any website they Pay to user to checkout its all features and also user friendly environment of the site.

From this way they Pay to any website checker or tester. You need to know best websites which will pay you to checkout websites and test it.

Here are top 7 website which pay you to test the websites.

1. User Testing 

User testing is an amazing website to test app and get payment instantly. First they give you test and review and then they will give you assignment to test application and get money.

You have to apply for Website testing or app testing by sending email to the website.

This facility is available in US and international resident who can get money from PayPal.

How much the paid?

Every test take 15 to 20 minutes and it will cost $10 or $15.

2. Respondent 

Another amazing website which is respondent give you different facilities to earn money.

They provide surveys, website testing and also group studies.

To get started with this website you have to submit your all kind of information related to your contact information and Employment status.

How much they paid? 

They paid hand some money to tester to test a website or an application for 20 or 60 minutes. On 20 minutes website testing they give you $40. And on testing for 60 minutes they give you $100.

3. Userbrain 

Userbrain is another paid to test website which will give you a series of task and get paid.

How much they paid? 

On 5 or 15 minutes of testing they will give you $3 per test paypal

4. TestingTime 

If you have internet a Skype installed you can easily make 56.91 $ (€ 50) from this website.

Using Skype they will conduct a complete study of the application and they will pay you into 5 or 10 days.

You must have a Paypal verified account to get money.

5. TryMyUI 

TryMyUI is another paid to test website which will conduct a complete test for qualification. Once you qualify the test they will give opportunity to test an application and they will email you. 

How much they paid? 

On 15 – 20 minutes of website testing they will give you $10 via PayPal or biweekly.

6. Others create websites which will pay you handsome money these are: 

This four websites will give you first sample test and prototype for test. After qualification the first prototype or test they will give you complete assignment. 
On 5 to 10 minutes of testing they will give you 10 25 Dollar on every test. Payment will be via PayPal.