7 best places where you can sell your icons

7 2Bbest 2Bplaces 2Bwhere 2Byou 2Bcan 2Bsell 2Byour 2Bicons

Making icons and others illustration works are useful. You can make your own icons because they are used on different places like website and app and sell icons.

You need to know about best places where you can sell or buy icons. In this tutorial I am going to show you some market places where you can sell your icons and make money.

Here are top 7 marketplaces where you can buy and sell icons.

1. Iconfinder 

Sell icons on Iconfinder and make money

One of the biggest hub of Icon selling and buying is iconfinder. In this website no other products are used to sell or buy.

Here about 2.6 billion high quality icons present. This is the one of the side which has huge attraction.

According to iconfinder about 2 million users visit this website monthly. Iconfinder has three different types of subscription which will allow you to download icons in cheap rate.

These are micro,starter and unlimited subscription. If you ability to make icons you can freely make 300 to 500$ per month.

2. The Noun Project 

The Noun Project to sell icons

The Noun Project is another competitor with Iconfinder. This website also give you opportunity to buy the lichens and make an some money.

You can make $200 to $500 easily per month. This website has also subscription which will allow you to download and son becomes for a wide range.

3. Flaticon 

Flaticon Marketplace to sell icons and make money

Flaticon is the biggest icon market in Spain. There are three health options are provided.

There is the splitting of revenue in this website main 100% of revenue will be split into seller and website on 50-50.

From this website you can cell par icon into dollar and have have the opportunity to sell them on other markets.

4. Envato Elements 

Envato Elements Market to sell icons and others stuff

Envato Elements no pick up the phone of the top website to sell icons.Envato itself a complete Marketplace for many different things like template themes, icons illustration, plugins, and more than 100 items.

They contain high quality of icons and other products. They paid very handsome amount to their designers and seller.

From this website you can earn more than $500 each month easily. One of the best thing is if you are sales is a low on Envato Elements you will get a monthly payout.

5. UI8 

UI8 number 1 place to sell icons

UI8 is one of the biggest online Marketplace to design icons UI and UX.

This Marketplace is belong to San Francisco. Mostly they focus on UI you hacks for templates and other resources to make a website.

They have limited number of sellers but they give a good and had some amount of salary to them.They offer pay-as-you-go and other things question set model to help designer and sellers.

6. Creative Market 

Creative Market to sell icons and other stuff

Creative Market is another biggest market ever for designers. They not only have icons but also different items like templates,plugins illustrations etc.

This website provide 6 free items weekly. You can found handmade,craft patterns and even fonts in this website.

7. Shutterstock 

Shutterstock to sell icons and others stuff and make money

Shutterstock one of the market established in new York city.

It provide great tools in free design application which will help designer to make more icons and other stuff.

It is the complete hub of photos illustration and designing stuff like icon. They also provide millions of free stock of photos,pictures and videos on a high resolution.