5 best website to sell gifts for cash in 2018

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5 best website to sell gifts for cash in 2018.These are best and trustable marketplaces to exchange gift cards and selling on good price

5 best website to sell gifts for cash in 2018

If you have ability to make gift cards then you can sell it on best website for cash. Every hear millions of gift cards produced. Amazon gift card trading is also on top to buy and sell gift cards.

Where to sell gift cards for cash? 

There are many Marketplace all over the world which are producing gift cards. They also give facilities to sell gift cards on their websites.

You need to know about a trusted website where you can sell your hand image crafts and gift cards.

Here are top 5 website where you can sell your gift cards.

1. Cardpool 

Cardpool is one of the biggest market place to exchange your gift cards. This website got a plus rating by customers facilitation and reviews.

According to better Business Bureau this is a well known and trusted by working all over the world. Through Cardpool you not only sell cards but also sell your unused cards also.

How to submit gift cards? 

  • To submit your gift cards you simply visit the website and complete the setup to sell gift cards. 
  • Once Cardpool receive your gift card option they will review accept your offer. 
  • After accepting they will send you cash through check after a day.

2. Gift Card Granny 

Gift Card Granny is another biggest popular platform to exchange gift cards and selling place. By this website you can easily earn money by selling gift cards. 
You have to submit gift card information with pictures and videos and prices for this gift cards. Once you get a good review an order for these cards you will get paid. 

How much earning through Gift Card Granny? 

You can earn 92% cash with assurity an agreement that your gift card will sell.

3. Raise 

Raise is another popular website which will not only sell your products but also give you a good cash on them. 
They will advertised your gift card and outlets on popular news media website. 
Your gift cards will advertised on NBC news, ABC news , and others news website like Time Magazine. 
From this website you can earn handsome money and only 12% Commission will be taken by the website. You will get payment through PayPal or check or the website will directly deposit money in your bank account.

4. Coinstar Exchange 

Coinstar Exchange is another amazing market place to get cash on gift cards instantly. They have a complete setup of gift card receiving machine in US United State. 
Once you passed your gift card through machine they will instantly give you a money voucher.

5. CardCash 

CardCash will sell your gift cards in an easy way and return money on it. 
To sell your gift cards you have to visit this website. Inter all detail with price of the cards and you will get offer after this. 
If you got more than one offer you can start selling your gift cards easily. Once an order done you can get money via Paypal or direct deposit. 
Money transferring will take 1 or 2 days to complete.

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