10 interesting facts about Bitcoin you must know

10 2Binteresting 2Bfacts 2Babout 2BBitcoin 2Byou 2Bmust 2Bknow

Bitcoin is on top everyone try to earn money using Bitcoin. But bitcoin traders did not know about Bitcoin completely. 

10 interesting facts about Bitcoin you must know

Today I am going to show you 9 amazing facts about Bitcoin that will blow your mind.

1. First Bitcoin was purchase for pizza 

It hilarious that the first Bitcoin was used to exchange pizza for 10,000 BTC.

Yes it’s true when Bitcoin mind is price was nothing as it is equal to the cost literally cents to buy a BTC.

For this reason 22 May was celebrated as bitcoin Pizza day. In 2010 10,000 BTC price was $41.

2. Mysterious Bitcoin inventors 

Did you know about Bitcoin inventor is probably not?. After the invention of Bitcoin from 2009 no one knows about the Bitcoin and Bitcoin father.

During 30 years avoid paper was also published under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Satoshi Nakamoto was the mystery which is not solved yet today. Someone told that Satoshi is the name derived from Samsung and Toshiba. While others revealed that Nakamoto is derived from Nakamichi and Motorola.

3. Bitcoin is untraceable 

Bitcoin is untraceable because the main thing is your public address. What transaction from Bitcoin it’s not need your name my identity its only used your public address. 
It’s not easy to hide your public address using any kind of VPN. For this reason Bitcoin is not traceable. 
With the advancement in technology but it can be possible to hack any public address even to hack Bitcoin. 
Still it is not possible to have a bitcoin but a case was occurred in USA which was handled by FBI.

4. Don’t lost your Bitcoin private key hard 

One of the most important thing is to save your Bitcoin keys. Commonly bitcoin Owners save their private keys in any hard disc to used it again. 
If you lost your private key is hard disk for any drive you store it you will lost your Bitcoin forever. 
This was also happened to James Howells in 2013 when he lost his hard disk which contain bitcoins private keys. 
At that time its worth of 7,500 BTC is approximately $19.4 million. 
It is also important to save every Bitcoin private keys even they are 5 for 10 years.

5. Bitcoin not grow on trees 

If you want to earn money with Bitcoin it’s not properly easy to do it because Bitcoin to do not countries like money. 
You cannot make a duplicate Bitcoin touch it print it or even eat it. Bitcoin are mined buy the miners in blockchain networks. 
It is mind peace by peace and blocks by blocks. It has no physical shape and existence. 
You must know that Bitcoin network is 300 times more powerful than any computer. The world’s top 5 supercomputers can also did not compete with bitcoin network.

6. finite supply Bitcoin 

Till now 21 million Bitcoins are produced. And it is only ever be 21 millions Bitcoin.

In 21 million 16 million Bitcoins have already mined now.

7. Buy anything from Bitcoin 

You can buy anything from Bitcoin but question is which things are products can be buyed from using Bitcoin.

  • You can buy a Tesla car from Bitcoin 
  • Eat coffee at Starbucks 
  • Book a flight with BTC 
  • You can order food with Bitcoin if any service available in your country 
  • Fun run items can be bought from Bitcoin in US 
  • If you are wishing to space travel with Virgin Galatic you can also do it with Bitcoin

8. Bitcoin profit from first year to 2017 

Bitcoin prices from here to here changed and till now it become of $3,408.50 in 2018. 
From start of the Year and end of the Year bitcoin price are: 
  • 2010  $0.0015 $0.31 
  • 2011  $0.31 $6.18 
  • 2012  $6.18 $13.44 
  • 2013  $13.44 $751 
  • 2015  $285 $435.7 
  • 2016  $435.7 $952.5 
  • 2017  $952.5 $2586
  • 2018  $3000.50 $3,408.50

9. Sudden loss 

Bitcoin price can face loss and profit. In 2014 and in 2018 people lost lots of money from Bitcoin. 
In 2014 Bitcoin price lost from $751 to $285 and most of the people stopped using Bitcoin. 
But now a days Bitcoin price is suddenly increasing. 

10 bitcoin cannot be banned 

Due to Banking Law another difference from Bitcoin it cannot be banned if any. Nature of Bitcoin is different from other system. 
Countries like Bangladesh, Thailand and vietnam try to bank this but they failed. 
In some countries like Australia Russia,Japan and Venezuela it become the official legal trade.