10 best places where you can publish short stories and earn money

10 2Bbest 2Bplaces 2Bwhere 2Byou 2Bcan 2Bpublish 2Bshort 2Bstories 2Band 2Bearn 2Bmoney

Every person in the world has different abilities from the earn money. If you are a short story teller or writer you can also earn money from short stories. You need to know about best places where you can publish your stories and earn money. 

From short story director and producers of film makers get ideas and they make film on it. If you have ability to write short or long stories you can become a good writer or film writer also.

Today I am going to show you 10 best places where you can published your articles for short stories and get paid.

1. AGNI 

Publish stories and poetry on AGNI and get money

AGNI is the popular magazine which was published from Boston University.

They are specialised in writing different types of topics like poetry, short films, fiction stories, essays and others nonfiction stories.

If you are like to write something for this website you can submit your article on any short stories or poetry 7 September in my every year.

How much they paid? 

They will pay you $10 on par printed pages for fiction stories. If you are willing to write some poetry you can get $20 per page.

2. Black Warrior Review 

Publish stories on Black Warrior Review and money
Black Warrior Review is published by university of Alabama each year for two time. It allow others writers and others are several fictional stories with different abilities and colours. 
They publish different types of stories flavour like magical, futuristic and horror. They are also working on graphic novels and visual narrative and allow other authors to publish. 

How much they paid? 

The amount for each article and stories are not public they were only told to authors and writers which are working for Black Warrior Review.

3. Boulevard 

Write Stories and articles and get paid by Boulevard
Boulevard is one of the old award winning general website which is working from since 1985. 
They are working on publishing different stories poetry and short stories. It become a one of the best paid market which encourage particular new writers and authors. 
The allow only  contemporary literary fiction not genre fiction. 

How much they paid?

They paid $25–$250 for poetry writing for more other information you have to visit Boulevard.

4. Carve 

Carve Magazine lets write and paid money
Carve usually focus on honest fiction they did not allow you to horror,romance, fantasy and thrills. In this website you will allow you to print Maxi in that include illustrations, non fiction stories and poetry. 
They will reply you back quickly and did not reach at any of your note. 

How much they paid? 

They paid $100 per short story.

5. Glimmertrain 

Write stories on glimmertrain and get paid
Glimmertrain is another encouraging website for writers. Each year this submit different magazines. 
The allow you to write any topic like super short and fictions. 

How much they paid? 

Depending on the type of article that you right they will pay you $700.

6. The Iowa Review 

The Iowa Review Magazine which will offer you to write and get paid

The Iowa Review
is one of the program which will start from University of lowa since 1970. They are working on publishing different contents like poetry, fiction, creative and other variety of styles.

They publish Three Types of magazines it Year. If you are willing to write something then you can submit your articles on September,October and November each year.

How much they paid? 

They paid $0.80 per word for fiction stories and short stories and $100 minimum payment.

7. The Missouri Review 

The Missouri Review Magazine where you can write and get paid

Working from 1978 they welcome fiction, poetry and others nonfiction essays.

4 issues published each year by The Missouri Review. 

How much they paid? 

They paid $40 for printed pages.

8. Ploughshares 

Ploughshares welcome Writers to Earn money and Provide Services

One of the most respected in upgrowing generals in the world is Ploughshares.

They literally published three times in a year. Thyroid high quality papers with different types of articles in it.

They usually prefer fiction stories and also emerging writers contest where they can win more prices and get money.

How much they paid? 

Ploughshares paid $25 per page. They paid minimum $50 and maximum $250.

9. The Southern Review 

The Southern Review for Writers
The Southern Review allow publishers and writers to work on fiction, poetry and other non fiction stories and books. 
They are offering submission accept in September and December each year. 

How much they paid? 

They paid charge super short stories and also paid 200$ per poem.

10. Threepenny Review 

threepennyreview for Writers

Threepenny Review pay you handsome amount of money. They publish different types of writing articles.

Writer can publish literally poetry, fiction and essay. They publish 4 times in a year without lines and printed.

How much they paid? 

They paid $400 per short story and $200 per poem.